the ebm project

Welcome to the ebm project. The goal of this site is to provide our students with the tools to critically evaluate medical literature. Starting with the basic concepts of physician numeracy (basic statistics and epidemiology) we move to asking clinical questions, searching for appropriate articles, critical appraisal of literature and finally applying the literature. Ultimately we hope to put examples of critically appraised topics online as well.

followFor Rush M2 students registered for RMD 529, please refer to our syllabus page. You can follow any updates or other communications on this updates page. If you click “Follow” in the bottom right of the screen, you will be emailed whenever we post any updates.

HTML5_1Color_Black-vfl902gVJOne more tip, some students prefer to watch the videos at 1.5x or 2.0x the normal speed. This is possible in YouTube if you use the HTML5 player. More information about this can be found here.

Our students include anyone who is interested, even ourselves. While we are developing this (and afterward as well), we invite your feedback on how we can make this better. Please put your insights, compliments and suggestions in the comments below (or on any other page).


Beth & Rahul